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Here is how our system works to serve you.

Register through an already existing member.

Registration Bonus of 10% will be rewarded to you, immediately after registration

VTU Bonus of between 4 - 2% will be paid to you anytime you recharge your phone or recharge other people phones using our VTU Platform.

-- Other VTU Bonuses: Earn bonuses on GOTV,DSTV, BULKSMS, WAEC PIN (Result Checker), SMIRE, STARTIME, SPETRANET etc. any time you purchase any of these product or act as a reseller of any of this products.

Recharge Cards Printing Profit Maximization: We provide you recharge cards ePIN at the cheapest rate possible to ensure you maximum profit from your recharge cards printing using our platform.

Start Growing your genealogy.

Each new user you refer, will attract 20% of the package amount the user is registering with.

Referral Commission: You earn a commission anytime a new distributor join your team either directly referred by you or indirectly referred by any of your team members on your 1st generation to 10th generation deep, depending on your package commission is differed on each level.

1st level (direct Referrals)- 20% Commission

2rd Level - 10% Commission

3rd Level - 5% Commission

4th Level - 2.5% Commission

5th Level - 1.25% Commission

6th Level - 1% Commission

7th Level - 1% Commission

8th Level - 1% Commission

9th Level - 1% Commission

10th Level - 1% Commission


VTU Bonus from your downline: Earn Commission anytime downline recharge their phones or recharge anybody phone. Commission is also paid anytime your downline use any other product on the VTU either personal or resell the product.

Recharge card Printing Bonus from your downline: Earn Commission anytime downline print recharge cards (Bonus is earn only from direct referrals).

How to register

Kindly contact any of our distributors or reseller for a referral link

Membership Package Registration Fee 10% Commission on Registration Deep of Commission Points Earn
Executive N50,000 N5,000 10 Level Deep 100
Platinum N40,000 N4,000 9 Level Deep 80
Diamond N30,000 N3,000 8 Level Deep 60
Gold N20,000 N2,000 7 Level Deep 40
Silver N10,000 N1,000 6 Level Deep 20
Bronze N5,000 N500 5 Level Deep 10


James Anderson


Network, Marketing


February 28, 2020